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> Back when preprocessor optimization data was displayed on the preview
> page, one could see the output of mw.log and mw.logObject calls in the
> LUA code there. Right now, I can't find any place when I can do that
> any longer. I know about the debug console, but that is populated only
> when you introduce something there and it's almost impossible to
> exactly reproduce the parameters generated by passing through 3
> templates and 2 other module calls.

It looks like Aaron removed all the performance data that was previously
displayed at the bottom of the preview page in favor of hiding it in a
JavaScript variable. To access the logs now, you should be able to do
'wgPageParseReport' ).scribunto['limitreport-logs']".

To make a user-friendly display now, someone would have to write a gadget
to generate some visible output from the data in that variable.

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