Here are three topic suggestions, cc'ed here in case folks aren't following
the Flow, with an illustrative (but not exhaustive) list of sessions that
could fit under each:

*1. *(A unified vision for) *Collaboration*

   - Real-time collaboration (not just editing, but chatting, curation,
   - WikiProject enhancements: User groups, finding people to work with,
   making these first class DB concepts
   - Civility/diversity/inclusiveness, mechanisms to handle/prevent
   harassment, vandalism, trolling while working together
   - Real-time reading -- watching edits occur in real time
   - Integration with WikiEdu
   - Broadening notion of "an edit" in DB -- multiple contributors,
   possibly multiple levels of granularity
   - Tip-toeing toward "draft"/"merge" models of editing
   - Better diff tools: refreshed non-wikitext UX, timelines, authorship
   maps, etc.

*2. *Improving* Modular Wikitext Maintenance*

   - Infoboxes from wikidata, categories from wikidata, wikidata in
   commons, oh my!
   - Visual editing of templates, alternative template mechanisms, etc
   - Wikitext 2.0 -- how to shave off the rough edges but still provide a
   text-based power-user editing interface
   - Global pages, Global templates, etc
   - Improving composition of text and media content on the page
   - Moving to a Glossary model for LanguageConverter rules
   - Splitting metadata (categories, page flags, etc) from content in the DB

*3. *(Doubling down on)* Machine Translation*

   - Annotation service to record fine-grained translation correspondences
   between wikis over time (not just at the time of first translation)
   - Suggestion service to suggest new edits to wiki A when translated text
   wiki B is modified (or vice-versa)
   - Refactoring existing language converter pairs as (sometimes trivial)
   translation engines, eg cyrillic-to-latin
   - Building a translation engine in house, training it with translated
   wiki pages, improving it over time, etc
   - Tightly integrating the translation UX for everyone. More: one
   community wearing babel fishes / Less: scattered villagers after the Tower
   of Babel fell.
   - Improving harassment/vandalism/civility/inclusiveness/diversity
   mechanisms to handle these larger cross-cultural communities.
   - i18n of global pages, global templates, etc. May need mechanisms to
   allow translation of comments, for example.

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