Scott suggested the following as one of three suggested topic ideas
for WikiDev17.  The three ideas:
1) Collaboration
2) Wikitext Maintenance
3) Machine Translation

More inline about "1) Collaboration" below:

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:05 AM, C. Scott Ananian
<> wrote:
> *1. *(A unified vision for) *Collaboration*
>    - Real-time collaboration (not just editing, but chatting, curation,
>    patrolling)
>    - WikiProject enhancements: User groups, finding people to work with,
>    making these first class DB concepts
>    - Civility/diversity/inclusiveness, mechanisms to handle/prevent
>    harassment, vandalism, trolling while working together
>    - Real-time reading -- watching edits occur in real time
>    - Integration with WikiEdu
>    - Broadening notion of "an edit" in DB -- multiple contributors,
>    possibly multiple levels of granularity
>    - Tip-toeing toward "draft"/"merge" models of editing
>    - Better diff tools: refreshed non-wikitext UX, timelines, authorship
>    maps, etc.

I've copied this wholesale into the "Collaboration" area on
[[WikiDev17/Topic ideas]], and quoted it directly here:

Let's use this thread to focus on this part of Scott's proposal.  A
lot of these seems in scope for the Wikimedia Collaboration team.
Does the scope that you're thinking of align with what the team has
published on their page:

(p.s. please feel free to start separate threads with the other parts
of Scott's proposal)

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