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> The challenges are first that it's based on a Tomcat backend
> <
> https://github.com/Wikimedia-TW/han3_ji7_tsoo1_kian3_WM/blob/master/src/idsrend/services/IDSrendServlet.java
> >,
> which I'm not sure is precedented in our current ecosystem, and second that
> the code uses Chinese variable and function names, which should
> unfortunately be Anglicized by convention, AIUI.  Finally, there might be
> security issues around the rendered text itself, if it were misused to mask
> content.
> I'm mostly asking this list for help with the question of using Tomcat in
> production.
So we don't use Tomcat anywhere right now, so yeah that's unprecedented.
I did attempt it awhile back for Gerrit (like, years ago), but I found
to be a huge pain in the butt for basically no gain (in that case).

It's not impossible--there's packages and all that fun stuff for Tomcat and
related tooling--but I think that Tomcat generally isn't worth the overhead
and maintenance burden for a single service.

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