Hello everyone

This has just happened. Most bots seem to have already reconnected
successfully and so has the rc-pmtpa bot. Everything seems to be in


On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 9:18 PM, Alexandros Kosiaris
<akosia...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 9:32 PM, MZMcBride <z...@mzmcbride.com> wrote:
>> Alexandros Kosiaris wrote:
>>>This is to inform you that on Monday Feb 22nd 2018 ~10:00 UTC, the
>>>infrastructure powering irc.wikimedia.org will be rebooted for
>>>security upgrades. This is expected to only impact bots that are using
>>>irc.wikimedia.org AND are not able to automatically reconnect on
>>>connection failure. From recent experience (the equipment was rebooted
>>>210 ago last time, with no fallout) those are very limited in number
>>>these days.
>> Thank you for this notice.
> Sorry for not answering sooner, I 've just seen this.
>> Do you know if it's still the case that per-wiki channels on
>> irc.wikimedia.org are not available/able to be joined until there's
>> activity on that wiki?
> I did not know that, but I just researched it and that is still the
> case. For future reference the code in question is in
> https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/source/operations-puppet/browse/production/modules/mw_rc_irc/files/udpmxircecho.py;b2d13fbc838a7f994a2e97fdffc07f15fe88bc29$49
>> My memory is that reconnecting to irc.wikimedia.org
>> has not usually been the issue (as you note), but instead it's been that
>> there's a speaking bot account on the network that would only create a
>> channel after there's some activity to report about that wiki. For larger
>> wikis with lots of activity, this means the channels get created nearly
>> instantly after a server restart. For smaller wikis with little activity,
>> this means that the channels may not get re-created for days or even weeks.
> I have no such recollection but it does make sense.
>> I just tested irc.wikimedia.org again and it appears that joining/creating
>> arbitrary channels is not allowed. This makes me think that bot accounts
>> and others would be disallowed from joining small/quiet wiki channels
>> until those channels are re-created by by the server/rc-pmtpa, unless some
>> kind of whitelist or workaround has been implemented.
> That's true. But I don't expect this to cause any kind of major
> problems and experience up to now supports that. But thanks for
> bringing it up. I learned something today.
> --
> Alexandros Kosiaris <akosia...@wikimedia.org>

Alexandros Kosiaris <akosia...@wikimedia.org>

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