These are incredible good news! I have seem some contributors doubting
about filing tickets because they were intimidated by the interface. Also
it could maybe help better for coordinating local projects and communities.

On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 4:05 PM, Niklas Laxström <>

> It's now possible to translate Phabricator in thanks
> to the Phabricator developers, Mukunda Modell, and many others who
> participated in
> We are currently in an experimental phase, where these translations
> are only used in, but the plan is to
> propose these translations to Phabricator upstream.
> A few languages are already available and the language setting can be
> changed at
> You can help our multilingual user base by translating Phabricator.
> You can find some more info about translating this project at
>, and you can
> start translating directly at
> group=phabricator
> The whole Phabricator project is large, with over 17,000 strings to
> translate. Some simple and familiar strings can be found under the
> "Maniphest" and "Project" sub-groups. "Maniphest" includes strings for
> creating and searching tasks, and "Project" includes strings for
> managing project workboards with columns. Here are the direct links to
> them
> *;
> group=phabricator-phabricator-maniphest
> *;
> group=phabricator-phabricator-project
>   -Niklas
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