Hi all,

We're having terrible trouble with the Cirrus search maintenance script
for initialising the elastic indexes:
forceSearchIndex.php --skipLinks --indexOnSkip...

It's happening with MW 1.31 .. 1.33, we're using redis job queue and a
single instance of Elastic on the same host (these are low traffic
wikis). Debian 10.2, PHP 7.3.

No matter what parameters we use (--queue or not, different --maxJobs,
or --fromId/--toId, --batchSize etc etc) we're always finding that
hundreds of elastic docs are not being created.

There's nothing about the articles themselves that are preventing it, if
we run the maintenance script on just a single missing one afterwards it
gets created no problem, and also each time this problem happens, there
are many differences in the missing docs.

Please if anyone has heard of this kind of things and could point us in
the right direction here that would be awesome!

Thanks a lot,

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