Hi. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for getting help with Strawberry Perl but it seems to be mentioned on the Strawberry Perl web site so I'm guessing it might be.

Earlier this year I installed Strawberry Perl on a Windows 7 machine which I use for C++ programming (with MSVC). Things have worked pretty well up to now. However, my development environment is moving to Windows 8 so I've re-installed everything onto a new, Windows 8 computer. I've been very careful to set everything up the same - same version of Strawberry Perl, same version of MSVC, same versions of Python / M4 / Git and all my other development tools.

One of the libraries I need to build is called "glibmm". I'm building the exact same MSVC project that I previously used with Windows 7 (literally the same project because it's on a shared drive). When I try to build the project I see this error message:-

        Can't locate XML/Parser.pm in @INC
(@INC contains: F:\+GTK-SOURCES\gnu-windows\src\MB3Glibmm/tools/pm

        etc, etc

I'm assuming that "@INC" refers to an environment variable and the paths listed must be paths that get searched to find a file called "'XML/Parser.pm'. As you can see, they're mostly Linux style paths so they wouldn't be relevant on my Windows 8 machine. To check this, I went back to my Win7 machine and temporarily renamed any file called "Parser.pm" (i.e. so that it wouldn't get found). As you can imagine, that gave me exactly the same build error - except that this time, the paths listed were Windows style paths and they included the path that contains 'XML/Parser.pm'

I then searched my Windows 8 system for any file that contains the strings "site_perl", "INC" and "5.8.8". The only one I could find was:-


So my best guess is that this is some kind of Perl configuration error. When I installed Strawberry Perl on my new Windows 8 box, should I have run some kind of config utility so that it would learn the relevant paths for my new machine?


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