On 07/12/2013 14:59, Jeremy Nicoll - ml perl for windows wrote:

I wonder if perl modules refer to all the folders & subfolders within perl
using linux-style names, and that something else in a Windows install
converts those to Windows style folder names when needed.  If that's correct
it would mean that modules could be written in a more or less
platform-agnostic way.

Thanks Jeremy. I can see how that seems plausible but to be honest, I think that's doubtful. On the system which works correctly, the paths don't look anything like the ones I see in 'Config.pm' - so I think they must be getting calculated at run time somehow (either by Perl itself or by whatever program happens to be driving it). OTOH the paths I see in Config.pm definitely DO look like the ones I'm seeing on the non-working machine so my guess is that those paths are some kind of fallback option.

Just like you, I don't have any recollection of ever having to run a 'configure' stage for Strawberry Perl - which brings the question.... are there any known issues between Strawberry Perl and Windows 8.1? According to Control Panel I've installed Strawberry Perl ver 5.16.2001. I don't mind updating if there's a later version that's known to work with Win 8.1.


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