I'm looking for someone to confirm that I can install and run this pm on
this platform

I have installed Strawberry Perl 5.14 and installed this pm.  The program
code that ran fine on MS Win Server 2000 and Active States Perl 5.8 gave me
an error when attempting to load the module.

I removed Strawberry Perl.

I have also attempted to install DWimPerl and install this pm on it and run
my script.  That did not work either.

I'm doing something wrong.  I may have tried too many things at this point
and not backed everything out correctly when trying something NEW.

At the present time the server only has DWimPerl installed.

I have a directory located at
\DWIMPERL\CPAN\BUILD\Win32-DirSize-1.13-JNinsi\Win32\DirSize AND

This does not seem correct to me.  I'm thinking I need to use the
uninstaller to remove DWimPerl and any remanents of the first install of
Strawberry Perl as well as all the remaining traces of Win32::DirSize and
try installing this all over again.

If someone knows that this pm will not run on this version of Windows
Server then I will know not to keep beating my head against this wall.

I have a file with notes related to my attempts to install this pm that I
will provide if we know the install should work and need some additional
background to determine what went wrong.



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