Hi all.

I've managed ( thanks to a developer I hired ) to build Gtk3 libraries and
Perl bindings that work with Strawberry Perl. I'm now planning on
maintaining the Gtk3 and binding stuff, and hosting Windows binaries. I
have a reasonable idea of the legal requirements involved in redistributing
open-source stuff, but I'm basically looking for people's blessing to
distribute ( at this point ) a large package that includes everything, and
call it something like: strawberry-5.20.1-gtk-3.14.3-v1.0.zip. Does anyone
have objections to me using the 'strawberry' name? Or any other objections?

In the medium term, I hope to be able to break things out into individual
packages that people can install on top of an existing Strawberry Perl
installation ( or maybe even have this work rolled into Stawberry Perl ),
but at this point, I have one large installation directory and a repeatable
process to build things.

On the topic of packaging things ... if anyone knows an easy solution for
making these individual packages under mingw & msys, that will help a lot.
I had a look at the tools used in the build of Camelbox ( another such
project, but targeting Gtk2 ), and from what I could tell, the process was
basically doing a comparison of the filesystem before & after installing
each package to determine what files should be added to a package. Is this
the only way of doing this? If it is, I guess I'll go down that path too ...


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