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Hi all.

I've managed ( thanks to a developer I hired ) to build Gtk3 libraries and Perl bindings that work with Strawberry Perl. I'm now planning on maintaining the Gtk3 and binding stuff, and hosting Windows binaries. I have a reasonable idea of the legal requirements involved in redistributing open-source stuff, but I'm basically looking for people's blessing to distribute ( at this point ) a large package that includes everything, and call it something like: strawberry-5.20.1-gtk-3.14.3-v1.0.zip. Does anyone have objections to me using the 'strawberry' name? Or any other objections?

It is absolutely fine to redistribute strawberry perl providing that your project comply with licenses of individual packages included in strawberry perl. Strawberry perl itself does not introduce any restrictions regarding redistributing/repackaging.

As for using "strawberry" in the name of your alternative/experimental perl distribution I am concerned just about end users being confused. Perhaps Adam Kennedy who is in charge of strawberryperl.com domain might have some opinion.

The other option for you might be to join strawberry perl project and make your gtk3 distribution available from http://strawberryperl.com/releases.html as we provide "PortableZIP edition + extra PDL related libs" (which is basically strawberry perl + bunch of math related external libraries).

In the medium term, I hope to be able to break things out into individual packages that people can install on top of an existing Strawberry Perl installation ( or maybe even have this work rolled into Stawberry Perl ), but at this point, I have one large installation directory and a repeatable process to build things.

On the topic of packaging things ... if anyone knows an easy solution for making these individual packages under mingw & msys, that will help a lot. I had a look at the tools used in the build of Camelbox ( another such project, but targeting Gtk2 ), and from what I could tell, the process was basically doing a comparison of the filesystem before & after installing each package to determine what files should be added to a package. Is this the only way of doing this? If it is, I guess I'll go down that path too ...

I have uploaded to github - https://github.com/StrawberryPerl/build-extlibs - our scripts we use for building external libraries bundled with strawberry perl. They are very simple and not much clever (as you guess doing a comparison of the file system before & after installing each package) but they work.

Maybe you will find interesting https://github.com/Alexpux/MINGW-packages - which is much more sophisticated (and also includes scripts+patches to build gtk3).


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