I was wondering how Strawberry Perl compiles DBD-Pg for 64-bit Windows.

In http://strawberryperl.com/release-notes/ I see that
PostgreSQL driver DBD-Pg is included in Strawberry Perl 64bit. I was
wondering how it is done. I did have a look at
https://github.com/StrawberryPerl? in an attempt to discover if anything
special was done, but was unable to find anything.

The reason I am asking this, I am trying to get DBD-Pg and DBD-Firebird to
work on Win64, but have been unsuccessful so far. Of course, my first
mistake is to use ActiveState Perl instead of Strawberry Perl:-). I am
using ActivePerl 5.20.1 Win64, DBI 1.634, Firebird 2.5.4 x64 classic
server, PostgreSQL 9.4.5-1 x64, DBD-Pg 3.5.1. This seems to build fine;
however, when attempting to run the resulting Perl, the application crashes
with a segmentation fault upon loading the driver DLL.

Does anyone have any idea? Note that the 32bit versions of the combination
_does_ work. So, it is something Win64 specific; but not specific to one
particular driver. I have compared the output of 'perl -V' for Strawberry
Perl and ActiveState Perl, but nothing obvious presents itself. So, I am a
bit lost here.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Regards, Bram

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