On 21.10.2015 10:34, Bram Stappers wrote:

I was wondering how Strawberry Perl compiles DBD-Pg for 64-bit Windows.

In http://strawberryperl.com/release-notes/ I see that PostgreSQL driver DBD-Pg is included in Strawberry Perl 64bit. I was wondering how it is done. I did have a look at https://github.com/StrawberryPerl? in an attempt to discover if anything special was done, but was unable to find anything.

In strawberry perl there is

1/ client library postgresql-9.4.1 built with this little patch (you should find it in your c:\strawberry\licenses\postgresql\postgresql-9.4.1.diff )

diff -r -u -w --strip-trailing-cr postgresql-9.4.1.original/src/template/win32 postgresql-9.4.1/src/template/win32 --- postgresql-9.4.1.original/src/template/win32 2015-05-19 13:38:06.928673700 +0200
+++ postgresql-9.4.1/src/template/win32    2015-05-19 13:36:05.180254800 +0200
@@ -3,4 +3,4 @@
 # --allow-multiple-definition is required to link pg_dump because it finds
 # pg_toupper() etc. in both libpq and pgport
 # --disable-auto-import is to ensure we get MSVC-like linking behavior
-LDFLAGS="-Wl,--allow-multiple-definition -Wl,--disable-auto-import"

2/ perl module DBD-Pg-3.5.1 installed by simply running: cpanm DBD::Pg

I have experienced some troubles related to DBD::Pg + 64bit mingw-w64 when trying to build perl with extra compiler option -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO I have not investigated why but DBD::Pg fails even to compile (no other module had a problem with __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO).


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