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But does that provide the functionality that's required ? ... or are there some issues regarding the functionality thus obtained ?

The main one is without command.com, all the .bat files for running perl scripts as programs (think pdl2 or perldl) won't run.

They run ok for me in the powershell - in so far as they start up fine and I can run simple scripts on them. (Or do people want to be able to run cmdlets in the pdl2 shell ?)

One thing I did notice is that the history (up/down arrow) keys don't work in the perldl shell that's run in powershell, though those keys work when the perldl shell is run in the cmd.exe shell.
When I switched to using pdl2, the history keys then became functional.

Anyway .... I think your main aim at this point was to gauge the level of interest in your proposed project, and although I'm not prepared to commit to the project, I do find it a bit interesting and would like to stay up to date with developments.

Are there more detailed reports (that I can access) of the actual problems being experienced ?


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