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But does that provide the functionality that's required ? ... or are there some issues regarding the functionality thus obtained ?

The main one is without command.com, all the .bat files for running perl scripts as programs (think pdl2 or perldl) won't run.

They run ok for me in the powershell - in so far as they start up fine and I can run simple scripts on them. (Or do people want to be able to run cmdlets in the pdl2 shell ?)

Now, disable cmd.exe on the windows system
and run the test again.

The idea is an SPP that uses PowerShell to
function and can operate on a system without
cmd.exe, command.com, or batch files.

One thing I did notice is that the history (up/down arrow) keys don't work in the perldl shell that's run in powershell, though those keys work when the perldl shell is run in the cmd.exe shell.
When I switched to using pdl2, the history keys then became functional.

Anyway .... I think your main aim at this point was to gauge the level of interest in your proposed project, and although I'm not prepared to commit to the project, I do find it a bit interesting and would like to stay up to date with developments.

Are there more detailed reports (that I can access) of the actual problems being experienced ?

The problem is SPP doesn't run without
cmd.exe and batch file support on a PC.

The goal is to be able to use a native
windows perl (SPP) when only PowerShell
is available.  ATM, cygwin perl is an option
for these conditions but the emulation of
POSIX makes for a bit of a performance hit.


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