Hi Luigi,

I remember that 20 years ago ActivePerl (from ActiveState) had this.
I don't think that StrawberryPerl ever had it.

But nowadays WSH is just legacy. It still works, but Microsoft has stopped
making it evolve, favoring PowerShell.

I have quite played with WSH in the past (but using, JavaScript) and often
suffered from its limitations.
Do you have a motivation for wanting to use Perl from CScript.exe instead
of perl.exe?


Le ven. 12 juin 2020 à 10:21, Luigi Iotti <lu...@iotti.biz> a écrit :

> Hi all,
> somebody know if Strawberry Perl supports Windows Script Host (WSH), aka
> ActiveX scripting host (maybe there is a difference between the two
> terms)?
> I mean, if you may run for example cscript //E:PerlScript myscript.pl,
> maybe
> changing PerlScript with some other string.
> This would permit to use Perl as a scripting engine in applications which
> make use of WSH scripting engines.
> Thanks, regards
> Luigi

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