Hi Rob,


there was a reason if I tried to move away from AP… But I did not reckon with 
that scripiting engine thing.

Taking my time, I’m thinking about a possible solution for my needs.


Regards, Luigi


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Oggetto: Re: Windows Script Host support


Hi Luigi,

As best I can tell, recent versions of ActivePerl (AP) are essentially unusable 

You can probably run basic scripts with it, but I found recent AP to be very 
limited in capability and also unextendable - which, in the context of what one 
expects from perl, means that it is rubbish.


I know that wasn't always the case, and if you have a build of AP that supports 
your WSH needs, then I would recommend sticking with it.

I don't think Strawberry Perl ever has or ever will provide that support.





On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 9:30 PM Luigi Iotti <lu...@iotti.biz 
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Hi Olivier,


Yes, ActivePerl still has it, and indeed I use it today. To be precise, 5.26 
still has it, while I remember I tried a 5.28 build, and it did lack.

I need it primary for Vandyke’ SecureCrt scripting, which makes use of the same 
ActiveX scripting engines WSH uses. So, they tell that if cscript 
//E:PerlScript works, then it should work with SecureCRT. And indeed I always 
found this was the case.


Just to know, somebody out there on the net instructed how to “steal” the 
feature (a dll, which has to be registered with regsrv32) from AP and use it 
with Strawberry, but I hoped there was some native support. AP can be freely 
downloaded but I don’t know if thir license permits something like this (and I 
bet it is no) and if this is a reliable solution.


Thank you, regards



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Hi Luigi,


I remember that 20 years ago ActivePerl (from ActiveState) had this. 

I don't think that StrawberryPerl ever had it.


But nowadays WSH is just legacy. It still works, but Microsoft has stopped 
making it evolve, favoring PowerShell.


I have quite played with WSH in the past (but using, JavaScript) and often 
suffered from its limitations.

Do you have a motivation for wanting to use Perl from CScript.exe instead of 




Le ven. 12 juin 2020 à 10:21, Luigi Iotti <lu...@iotti.biz 
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Hi all,

somebody know if Strawberry Perl supports Windows Script Host (WSH), aka
ActiveX scripting host (maybe there is a difference between the two terms)? 
I mean, if you may run for example cscript //E:PerlScript myscript.pl 
<http://myscript.pl> , maybe
changing PerlScript with some other string.
This would permit to use Perl as a scripting engine in applications which
make use of WSH scripting engines.

Thanks, regards

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