Only a few of you will remember that famous line spoken by Alice Gordon in 1973 
at the end of The Tempest for which she won the Boatswain Award for good news.  
Major moment.  You had to be there.  

Well, the best news now is that the kids in Camp Shakespeare explored new 
worlds and met delightful inhabitants in Navarre (LLL), Sicilia and Bohemia 
(WT) and celebrated their discoveries for wonderful audiences.  We had another 
great summer.  Thanks to those of you who contributed to their success through 
gift and audience.  We are growing another generation of Shakespeareans, many 
of them sons and daughters of you guys.

We are also approaching the 50th—count ‘em f i f t y— anniversary of 
Shakespeare at Winedale in 2020. So I’d like to hear some suggestions about how 
to celebrate THIS
reunion.  A week in the country again? Two plays again? Or one?  Yes, it is 
early, but this one is big and may be my last, alas. So please give it some 
thought.  I guess that we would once again need a “reunion committee”?  What do 
you think?  I’m eager to get a’going.  

With a hay and a ho and a hey nonny,


Jim (Doc) Ayres
Professor Emeritus, The University of Texas
Founding Director, Shakespeare at Winedale and Camp Shakespeare
Director of Mission, Camp Shakespeare

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