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> Subject: [WinPcap-users] Re: Windows / Visual C: unresolved external
> symbol pcap_open
> From: "Vasily Borovyak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >  You forgot to link wpcap.lib probably.
> >  In VC6 Press Alt+F7. Choose "Link" tab. Add "wpcap.lib" to the
> > "Object/library modules" edit box.
> Vasily, thanks for your answer.
> I check the reference, it is fine.
> It is a weird behaviour.
> The deprecated functions work fine (line pcap_open_live,
> pcap_findalldevs,
> ...).
> When I try to use the new wpcap functions, like pcap_open,
> pcap_findalldevs_ex, ...
> I still get "unresolved externals symbol".
> To be sure, I download again the latest wpcapsrc_3_1_beta4.zip and
> wpdpack_3_1_beta4.zip.
> I note this: some of the new APIs are inside the file pcap-new.c.
> This file hasn't an header and the APIs aren't listed inside pcap.h ...

yes, this is true.
It is because of the need to minimize differences between libpcap and

In order to use the new functions, you must define the HAVE_REMOTE constant
in your program.
This choice has been made after several discussions within the WinPcap team,
because earlier version of WinPcap defined this constant automatically.
However there were some issue related to libpcap compatibility, therefore we
decided to switch this on manually.


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