From: Massimo Sala [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I try to use the new wpcap functions, like pcap_open,
pcap_findalldevs_ex, ...
I still get "unresolved externals symbol".

To be sure, I download again the latest and

From: "Fulvio Risso" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
yes, this is true.
It is because of the need to minimize differences between libpcap and

In order to use the new functions, you must define the HAVE_REMOTE constant
in your program.

Many thanks Fulvio, this is the solution.

I put the
just before
#include <pcap.h>

and the linker resolves also the new API.
Furthemore I can delete the weird include
#include <remote-ext.h>
I had to use...

Perhaps I am a donkey, but I didn't read about HAVE_REMOTE in the documentation.
If it is missing, can you add your answer to the documentation ?

I feel it is important to keep track of this change.

Grazie, Massimo

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