On Wednesday, April 27, 2005 6:47 PM, neo anderson wrote:
lately i want to learn somthing about raw socket. so i
download winpcap source to compile in the cygwin env.
then it issue error
".../bin/ld: cannot find -lPacket"
i suppose it resulted from the path setting, so i try
to set it in my .bash_profile, in which i add "export
PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/lib" and copy Packet.a to
however, it still issues such error. what should i do
to avoid it complain again in order to install winpcap
successful? (Or if i simply donwload winpcap version,
install it, how can i let cygwin be aware of it?)
i appreciate any suggestion, sincerely.

env i use in cygwin: gcc 3.3.3 / make 3.80 / winpcap
3.1 beta4

Several comments here:

1) winpcap's implementation has nothing to do with sockets.
2) winpcap can readily be used with the MS compiler tools (either VC 6 or .NET).
3) winpcap can also easily be used with gcc using the MinGW compile environment (www.mingw.org).
4) I suspect that you will NOT be able to use winpcap from within a cygwin environment as it depends on the MSVCRT.dll which, as I uderstand it, innately conflicts with the cygwin1.dll
5) Apart from that, if you are really interested in messing with RAW sockets (and not interested in packet capture), there is some amount of raw socket support provided by the windows environment in this area, but this support is somewhat different than what you might find on other platforms, AND it is also not likely to work at all under cygwin, and must be done with admin privs and might be somewhat crippled in later versions of WinXP. See msdn.microsoft.com for some details.
6) Independent of RAW Socket capabilities, winpcap can be used to send and receive bare ethernet frames (You get to interpret and explicitly provide .the frame contents). Some assistance in constructing frames is available with the libdnet package from libdnet.sourceforge.net (libdnet uses winpcap to send and receive bare ethernet frames.

Good Luck.

- Mark Pizzolato

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