Yes, Windows XP Service Pack 2 removed raw socket support from Microsoft's
winsock.  Cygwin uses winsock, so unless you plan on changing cygwin itself,
don't bother trying to compile winpcap in it.  Winpcap can send raw packets
natively, and I actually think it's cleaner than the winsock method for raw

As Mark said it's not a raw socket.  There are good examples in winpcap's
developer pack.  See the sendcap and TestPacketSend examples.  One caution
is TestPacketSend was written to interface to the packet driver library
directly (packet.dll), which can change from release to release.  Sendcap
uses wpcap.dll which should be more fixed across releases.


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5) Apart from that, if you are really interested in messing with RAW sockets

(and not interested in packet capture), there is some amount of raw socket 
support provided by the windows environment in this area, but this support 
is somewhat different than what you might find on other platforms, AND it is

also not likely to work at all under cygwin, and must be done with admin 
privs and might be somewhat crippled in later versions of WinXP.  See for some details.

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