Guy Harris wrote:
Unfortunately, Windows is one of the systems on which traffic from the machine to itself can't be captured, unless WinPcap supports the "Microsoft Loopback Adapter", which I have the impression it might not do. You could always try it; see;en-us;839013;en-us;842561

If that doesn't work, I don't know what would.

I've never tested the loopback adapter of Windows XP and 2003, but I suspect it's a revisitation of the one that Windows NT offered by default. That adapter just didn't receive any of the ip traffic, because in Windows the tcp/ip driver handles loopback internally, without going down to NDIS.
The Windows NT loopback adapter was more like a simple NIC driver that protocol drivers could use to test their functionality in absence of a network connection.

Said that, if anyone tries it I'd be glad to know the results.


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