Two weeks ago we inexplicably had several models of laptop completely cut off 
from our wireless network.  On many when they went to look for available SSID's 
the driver would either crash or all networks would disappear.  On others they 
just wouldn't connect to any of our networks, even the open guest network.  All 
work ok off campus.  We finally tracked it down to two intel chips:

Intel AC 7260
Intel Centrino R Ultimate-N 6300

I discovered that the problem disappeared when I disabled 802.11k.  We're an 
Aruba shop.  We haven't done any updates or major changes to our network since 
October.  Those models couldn't have all received a bad driver at the same 
time.  I think we were able to find a driver that fixed the Intel AC 7260, but 
they stopped making updates to the Centrino.

Has anyone else seen this suddenly?  Next I'm going to try to tweak some 
settings in 802.11k to see if I can re-enable it without the offending setting.

-Andy Voelker
Network Administrator
Davidson College

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