Hi Jess,

I haven't worked with it personally (our university has started to make heavy 
use of the Kramer VIAs (https://www.kramerav.com/product/VIA%20Connect%20PRO) - 
although I've seen it heavily advertised on my Facebook news feed with several 
individuals stating "too expensive/just use a Chromecast" - despite them 
providing articles that each device serves a different environment (Enterprise 
vs Home) - https://airtame.com/chromecast-alternative

  *   Some of the big things they point out - can supply an IP Address directly 
to the Airtame without the need of mDNS/SSDP
     *   Native Screen mirroring from iOS devices still requires multicast 
enabled. This was true for our Kramer VIA devices - you had limited 
functionality within the iOS Kramer App - if left the app - the connection 
would close. However, somehow, Kramer has gotten around this limitation through 
their "Kramer Reveal" companion app. Somehow the Kramer Reveal App allows a 
user to enter an IP Address - which converts it and allow the iOS device to 
discover it as if mDNS was enabled. Pretty nice that they found a way to get 
around that limitation - 
  *   Support from WPA Enterprise Networks (Not sure if just EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS, 
  *   Cloud/Device Management
  *   Cast locally hosted files/video streams
  *   The Airtame does support an "Ethernet Connection" method.

Almost all of our Kramer VIAs have a detected wired network connection. 
Performing screen-mirroring from a wireless client to a wireless server always 
makes me nervous as twice the airtime consumed. We've had a couple people 
complain about lag  from time to time - when think was attributed to memory 
issues on the Kramer. Other folks I feel they're trying to watch/stream a 
YouTube video presentation. Another comparison article from Airtame - 

The only "vendor discussion" I've seen so far In the community forums was 
recently on the Airheads community forums concerning an issue with Airtame on 
RAPs and NAT - although they were trying to get SSDP/mDNS functionality working 
on the RAPs - 

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Does anyone use Airtame?  It looks like discovery requires Multicast 
(SSDP/UPnP) be allowed.  Has anyone evaluated these or have any thoughts?

Jess Williams

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