> My crystal ball wish is to have that PPSK/IPSK solution then group that 
> user’s devices into a private virtual home network, providing something that 
> approaches their home experience.

Cisco introduced “private groups” to iPSK in 8.8: 

We don’t have any controllers on 8.8 yet, so I haven’t had an opportunity to 
experiment with it. If I had to guess, based on the fact they rolled this 
feature into peer to peer blocking, it only affects unicast traffic. There is 
no indication it would convert broadcast/multicast to unicast and forward it to 
members of the same group. For that reason, I suspect this is not exactly what 
you had in mind… but it may be the closest thing we get for a while.

Doug Hoffman
Network Specialist
Office of Technology
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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