Hey everyone,

Recently, discussion has started to evaluate wireless coverage all over our 
quad area.  We currently have 4, 2700s with patch antennas (AIR-ANT2566P4W-R) 
on the side of buildings with those hitting their limit of 400 clients at given 
times during the day (Probably just a lot of background noise).  I am not sure 
on the capacity they will want covered at this current time.  We do know there 
will be some on light poles, and we were thinking bollards also, other 
suggestions are more than welcome.  I also don’t know what other universities 
are doing as far as open areas for coverage, high density or not?  What to 
expect as far a congregation on the quad?  Will this bring more people to 
sitting on the quad and doing course work?  Will students be out there just 
streaming?  Any ideas or information from those who have done this would be 
greatly appreciated!

Jason Mallon
Network Engineer III, OIT
The University of Alabama<https://www.ua.edu/>
[University of Alabama]<https://www.ua.edu/>

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