Hi there,

Me and a Friend would like to start a node in Venice to mesh with
another node in a pub next door to give the visitors free wifi.

Is there an easy way to join an existing community, where we just
download a firmware, flash two routers (for example TP-Link WR842N v3)
and get lucky?

I am from the german Freifunk Nord community and we use gluon there
which makes it really easy for the users to create new nodes and join
the party.

I tried to find out on http://ninux.org but there seems no simple
english explanation, how and where to start.
Even the "Quick Guide" linked on the english main page just leads to
http://wiki.ninux.org/MakeANode which does not explain anything.

I added some contact information there in the "Quick Guide" now for a
start, so new users have a point where to start, but there is missing a
lot more to call it a "Quick Guide" ;)

So please, what would be the fastest and simplest way for us to join Ninux?


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