On Tue, 2016-12-20 at 17:14 +0100, Ruben wrote:
> Hi there,
> Me and a Friend would like to start a node in Venice to mesh with
> another node in a pub next door to give the visitors free wifi.

Hi Ruben,

> Is there an easy way to join an existing community, where we just
> download a firmware, flash two routers (for example TP-Link WR842N v3)
> and get lucky?

the short answer is "not really". Ninux is a community network in which 
every ninux island does things the way they want, we don't have one 
firmware/platform/software that we ask people to install, and we 
don't really have a stated goal of sharing an Internet connection. 
It's more a hacker community in which each group wants to build their 
own network (for the bad and the good this implies) and help each other
to reach this goal.

So feel free to ask for help, and feel free to use any solution you
feel confident with, even gluon if that's your choice. 


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