I know this is not exactly WISP business but since many of us are 
multipurpose ISPs on this list I thought this would be of importance. 
Beside, if the Bells get their way here who's to say that they won't go 
after the airwaves so that their cell divisions have the only access.

Please check out this link and make a comment to the FCC on what think. 

Also this group has created some formal letters and made them available for 
anyone to use.  They can be found at http://www.ii4a.org/letters/  Please 
pick one, modify it with your name and letterhead and send it to anyone that 
might have an interest.  This could be the FCC, your congressman, your state 
representative, or even the local media in your area.

 Please forward this to your customers. The more people we can get active in 
this fight the better chance we have in making our voice heard.

Jory Privett

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