Charles Wu wrote:

If anyone recalls the argument I had with Charles Wu...about how I would
NEVER surrender ownership of every part of my own network, from customer to
carrier hotel if there was any way of keeping it...

So here's the caveat...

If you refuse to be regulated, then you shouldn't complain when the FCC
rewrites the rules and stops regulating phone/cable incumbents

You can't have "double standards" - and they can always put up a super-mesh
network and trash your spectrum (in Chicago, SBC DSL modems now come w/ WiFi
access points turned on broadcasting away...sure, it's a convenience to the
consumers, but I cannot but wonder if this is an "insidious method" of
trashing 2.4 muni-wifi / wisp networks)

Especially when those wireless routers put out 400 mW.....



August 15-17, 2005

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