I understood it like this. We all put those words on our site. Then google will rank those words "wireless internet" really high in hits and send everyone to the evdo wisp site. But if all we need is the words, like Tom said, can I just bury them in the back where no one will see them and go get dsl?/??

Tom DeReggi wrote:

Tell me again why we would want to steer our prospects interested in our service from our website to a website that promotes our competors (as well as ourselves), for the hope that maybe they might come back to our site again afterwards?

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc

IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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OK.. so the last email discloses what we've accomplished to drive
traffic to all WISPA.org Members and my company too...

to increase the popularity and GOOGLE traffic of this map...
(Currently.. we have about 200-400 unique people a day who visit the
http://evdo-coverage.com/wireless-internet-service map.)
... I want your help ...
... with your colaboration we can drive about 20,000 per day to the
site within about 2 months

THREE things:

1. Put a link on the TOP HALF of the home page of any of your websites
(or the most linked to page of your website - to find out which it
is.. see http://linkpopularity.com )

<a href="http://evdo-coverage.com/wireless-internet-service";>Wireless

Google places website on the top 10 of any search mainly based on
WHICH LINK WORDS are used... so.. if you make the link from words like
"see other wisps here..." to the map,,, then ONLY people who google
"see other wisps here" are likely to find our wisp map.. and who's
really gunna search for "see other wisps here"??? People mainly search
for "wireless internet" or "wireless internet service" So.. that's why
the code above is limited to the words "wireless internet". If you
want, i can provide google search request starts for words like
"wireless internet" vs. "wisp" vs "wireless dsl." I can show how much
traffic is generated on any keyword set. lemme know if you want.

2. If you are a member of any other forum or list.. please add the URL
to your signature. and talk about this map... this will also put up
more sign posts on the internet. and by cooperating, we can get
everyone the lion's share of the traffic found via forums, google, and
word of mouth...

3. I have an open reservation for about $8000 of advertising at
http://engadget.com. I will use all or part of that to promote the
http://evdo-coverage.com/wireless-internet-service map. Main thing is
that with just 2 drops of your participation, we will all end up with
10 gallons of traffic daily.

Looking forward to our mutual greater success...

Let me know what pages you linked from too...

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