Canopy claimed long and loud about real aggregate throughput.  However, last 
February Moto put out an application note that discloses real Canopy 
aggregate throughput will be significantly less with short packet traffic, 
while claiming that real internet traffic would never be short enough to be 
of concern.  I did an informal survey of packet length distributions from 4 
different wisp systems that volunteered and found that average packet 
lengths were short enough to cause significant Canopy capacity loss ... 
according to Canopy's own application note, real aggregate throughput may be 
as low as only 1/10th of the advertised aggregate throughput.  No 
clarification has ever been offered to help project actual throughput given 
your average packet length traffic profile, but I'd be skeptical of real 
Canopy aggregate throughputs as real traffic seems skewed towards short 
packet lengths (more-so with VPN & VoIP traffic).

All systems may also have real-traffic capacity loses, but I don't believe 
the 802.11 physical systems will lose capacity due to the fixed slot sizes 
as Canopy employs (I think all the 802.11 systems utilize variable length 
transmissions over-the-air).  According to the Moto application note, short 
packet length suffers a significant capacity loss to Canopy due to their 
fixed length slots over-the-air.  I'm not familiar with Waverider's physical 
to offer any comparison.  Can anyone?


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I take it from this post regarding Canopy that the other systems you
tested were not as much speed? Waverider has more aggregate throughput
than what each client individually will get because of polling. So maybe
three Waverider clients running at full speed could be the same as
Canopy aggregate? I just don't know. I do believe that Waverider
aggregate max is about 3 meg per sector.

If you want to compare then let us see what you have seen for all the
systems you have tested. Let's compare apples to apples.  Canopy allows
one single client to use full aggregate speed while Waverider does not
as far as I know. I believe this is a matter of design choice and not a
limitation in Waverider. I could be wrong but I am certain I was told
this by Waverider representatives in the past. I welcome your input.

I do not know what other systems use for site survey tools but Waverider
has an incredible spectrum analyzer tool which develops a spectrum scan
readout of the entire 900 Mhz band. This is a full color chart in PDF
format created in the CCU itself.  It works fantastic and helps identify
any possible interference right away. I am very satisfied with the
Waverider systems we have in place. We currently are running 4 towers of
Waverider. Two of them have omni's. One has two sectors and another has
three sectors. We have about 230 Waverider customers online right now.
They are the most reliable wireless systems we have online.

Charles Wu wrote:

>Canopy 900 has close to 4 Mb of aggregate *REAL* thoughput now in 2x mode
>WISPNOG Park City, UT
>August 15-17, 2005
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>I do not think you will find any 900 Mhz 2M X 2M solutions out there
>that will scale well. I use Waverider and it works really well for my
>service. I offer two plans. 768K and 256K up and down. I can get about
>70 to 100 clients per sector with Waverider running this way. I think
>the polling MAC in Waverider keeps the max speed per client at about 1.5
>meg up and down. If I have someone needing 2M or more I sell them a
>connection to my Trango AP.
>Mark Koskenmaki wrote:
>>Anyone with real-world experience with them?
>>I sell 2M X 2M connections... will WR gear keep up with this, and what is
>>the maximum available real throughput?   Not radio rates, but real-world
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