Bravo! I agree! This would be BIG impact. Can we get it done this quick?

Brad Larson wrote:

Video stream Mac from the field into the FCC meeting........Brad

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John Scrivner wrote:
I know Matt has been away from home a bunch lately but I think we should send Matt Larsen to this FCC event if he will go. We can take the $500 from Charles as part of the expense and have WISPA cover the rest. I think we need a front line guy to speak at this event. I think we should ask Michael to introduce Matt and yield a bit of his time if the FCC will not grant Matt his own time. This shows unity between industry groups and gives Part-15 and WISPA both an opportunity to show our efforts in helping those in need. Thoughts?

I agree that Matt would do well if he could find someone to talk to.
And he would be in the top of the list of people I would want to go to Washington and represent us.

However, Marlon, if he has the time, has experience of "roaming the halls of the FCC" looking for someone to talk to.

Maybe Marlon would be a better choice in this instance?

WISPA hasn't been formally invited to talk to the FCC people, so the person that goes will need to cold call, which might be difficult to do.

I think this is the perfect time to talk to Washington, and make sure or reinforce that it was WISPA quick actions that got phone, broadband, and computers into the hands of the displaced. Mac Dearman and WISPA were "First Responders"

We need to make sure that we get this credit right away. As time passes on, a lot will be forgotten and it will be much harder to get the type of exposure we now deserve.

It would also be good to sometime in the future have a special trip to Washington for the member wisps of wispa who were effected and those who volunteered the time and effort to be quick responders. Guys like Mac need to be recognized for their quick actions, especially in light of how slow it took the government to respond.

Just my thoughts.

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