As technologyh coordinator for Part15... the guy who's supposed to help the
staff understand what the people in the field want, and give advice on what
can be substituted for what...   I have some observations that I'd like to
post several places, including P-15, WISPA public list.

First, I would like to commend EVERYONE who has volunteered or given
something.  Anything.  Nothing is too great or too small to not be
recognized or important.

Next, I would like to express my profound surprise at the widespread
response.   There's a LOT of folks from EVERYWHERE, including outside the
country who will drop everything and go to help.

Next...  Sitting in this position, I have watched the beaurocracy from a
different angle than I've watched it from before.  From seeing the urgent
need for organization, and at the same time watching the amazing
effectiveness of ad hoc relationships between individuals...  Someone needs
something and someone knows someone else who has it and they get it
together.   From a small group of individuals who get together, pool thier
limited resources and work 18 hours a day to the point of pure exhaustion,
until the bank account's flat and the credit cards are maxed - these people
represent the finest and dearest of all things American, yet cannot seem to
get effective support though they so desperately need it - even though they
and those outside dedicate themselves to trying.

And then there's the tension that results from those who seek donations, who
are entirely obligated to make sure that nothing given is unused or
un-needed.  And then the results of those who are willing to give, and do,
but can't get the need  and what's availble together at the same time.

If you donate, you want those whom you donate it to to ensure it will be
properly used.   If you're on the ground you ARE properly using, but your
needs can't be predicted 24 hours in advance, except for a few.

If you are in the middle, the business of being responsible to those who
donate...and those who need, and attempting to make sure that  both are
met - is daunting beyond belief.   If I ask you to release what you have on
faith it will be used...  I am then indebted to you to make sure it is used
or returned, even though I haven't the resources or authority to gaurantee
either - and so I cannot.    If I choose to wait until a need is specific
for what you have, I risk failing to support those who need it because I did
not get it in time to  be useful.   BOTH of these have occurred already.
Both of these issues have frayed relationships and caused hardship and

And lastly, there's nothing like a common goal to get people to work
together.   And also, there's nothing like conflicting goals, to bring
frictions and tempers to the forefront.



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