Too complicated. Mike's set to go. If we can't put Matt (or someone else) in on his own lets just let it go. We're paying too much attention to a short term deal here I think.

If we could find a way to put Mac or one of his guys on a video link that would be worth busting but for. But this publicity stuff will all be forgotten in a couple of months anyway.

In another week or two I'll start setting up some wisp meetings at the FCC. I'll not be able to go this time so I'll need 5 to 6 who can/will.

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I know Matt has been away from home a bunch lately but I think we should send Matt Larsen to this FCC event if he will go. We can take the $500 from Charles as part of the expense and have WISPA cover the rest. I think we need a front line guy to speak at this event. I think we should ask Michael to introduce Matt and yield a bit of his time if the FCC will not grant Matt his own time. This shows unity between industry groups and gives Part-15 and WISPA both an opportunity to show our efforts in helping those in need. Thoughts?

Rick Harnish wrote:

Congratulations Charles, so now we have a "little Wu"  I'm sure you're a
proud father.  That's great.

I'm not trying to start an argument here but WISPA was not invited to attend
this function.  We received very late notice about the conference call two
weeks ago and none of us caught it in time.  Because of that missed
conference call, Part-15 submitted a plan to the FCC and became one of the
"approved vendors".  It is my understanding that this open commission
meeting is to allow those vendors to tell their story.
Each vendor has five minutes to give a short presentation.  Would the FCC
allow another slot for WISPA? I'm not sure, maybe Marlon would have insight into this. The next question is: Do we want to portray a divided industry
with Part-15 and WISPA taking credit for the same work?  Michael has asked
the WISPA board to provide him with bullet points of what we have
accomplished this week. He given his word to portray WISPA as an important
contributor in the efforts of this week and last week.  He is very aware
that the Mac Dearman team has been aligned much closer to WISPA than Part-15
and he realizes the damage he will do to his own reputation if he labels
this effort as a Part-15 project.

I am unable to make this trip myself even with Charles great contribution.
I have been burning the candle at both ends the last two weeks and have
plans to go help Mac's Team this weekend.  I have been accumulating a
truckload of supplies, computers, monitors, etc. from my local community
this week.  If WISPA needs to have a representative in Washington on
Thursday, I suggest someone step up.  I don't believe it necessarily needs
to be a board member. Mac would be great, but do we really want to ask him to do more than he already is? Matt Larsen would be great as well, so would
Marlon.  We will need to get on the agenda right away if someone is
committed to do this.
I have been communicating with Michael a lot lately and I believe I have
convinced him that part of his frustration in getting assistance has been
because his first several press releases focused most of the attention on
Part-15. He IS GETTING BETTER now. He took on a huge project, one that is
bigger than any one man can handle himself.  He has assigned volunteers to
help lead different aspects of his plan. If you really look at it, Michael took the reigns of a "no win" task. I know I appreciate his willingness to do this......I recognized that I didn't have the time to do it right now and
thus recommended that WISPA throw our support behind his effort to
consolidate resources and give the public a view of a stronger effort.
So, Michael has been burdened with this huge project and now has a competing
association board and members to deal with at the same time.  He not only
has to organize the effort but he has to try to keep the WISPA members happy
at the same time.  Sound impossible?  It does to me!  The real fact is,
Michael Anderson has done a trememdous amount for our industry in the last 5 years. Not everything he does is approved by everyone, how can it be. Heck that is why WISPA got started in the first place. Is WISPA perfect, no way, we get criticized all the time for different things. Face it, our industry is a group of rather independent thinkers and businessmen that want to prove
that they can do it on their own.  We are all leaders in our own minds, we
bring solutions to people everyday that make their lives better.
I personally think it is time for the Part-15 leadership and the WISPA
leadership to unite our efforts or our fragmented industry will crumble a
slow death.  For some that means swallowing some "crow", but if we truly
care about the industry and our future, we need to open our eyes, recognize our weaknesses and other's strengths and combine these resources to create a
powerful team.
Ok, flame away!  :P

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ForFCCPresentation on Thursday

I agree w/ Alex and will take this one step further

Mike has a history of "taking undue credit" for other's actions

At this risk of sounding anti Part-15, in order for WISPA to establish
credibility to its members and the FCC, it needs to be able to stand on its
own 2 feet as a separate organization with SEPARATE REPRESENTATION
Another fact worth noting is the effectiveness of the WISPA (Dearman and a
group of 20+ volunteers who ACTUALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE) response vs.
Part-15's response. Mac and co have made an IMMEDIATE impact and have gotten exposure on the national news media, while Part-15's efforts got bogged down
and ultimately ended up getting "lost in the shuffle."

At this point, it seems to me that Part-15 is trying to "ride WISPA's

Personally, I think it would be best for Michael to not try to "take the
spotlight" but step aside and turn the FCC presentation over to someone who
was actually "in the trenches" (e.g., a WISPA representative or maybe
someone from Mac's crew).

That said, unfortunately, with a new baby due this month, my schedule has
been filled with diaper changing classes and I have been unable to devote
the time/energy that many other volunteers have had; however, I would like
to support this effort (and help establish WISPA's credibility) by putting
$500 up for a WISPA REPRESENTATIVE to travel to DC to represent WISPA's

Back to diaper changing class...


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FCCPresentation on Thursday


Its great the FCC asked Mike to speak to them. He can only represent those people and businesses that establish him as their representative. I have Scriv, Marlon and Rick as well as other WISPA members who represent my interests. I'm curious to understanding what Mike wants to speak about as well as seeing whatever materials he's producing for his 5 minute talk. If he'd like to represent me, I'd like to better understand what his platform is, motivation, interests, previous qualifications, and so on. This looks like a nice opportunity and if Marlon could go along and speak for me, that would be great. I know Marlon, and unfortunately, I don't know Mike, except as a leader of a for-profit organization which uses FCC part15 as its main interest.

Congratulations to Mike and his company for getting FCC attention. Its great PR for his company. Whatever he can do to convey that WISPs need more spectrum, better anti-trust legislation that is to say - some policing of mega-business policies and better co-ordination among BLM and FS with WISPs would be wonderful. If he would add his support for WISPA and suggest that the FCC should support WISPA's non-profit effort to create a forum for Part15 associated issues and interests would be greatly appreciated by me.

It would be wonderful to see additional FCC interaction with the WISPA organization and its membership. Perhaps he could suggest a periodic meeting between the FCC and WISPA membership?

Thanks for the good news that the FCC is paying attention to Independents and their representatives. I hope he invites Marlon or at least mentions that Marlon and WISPA exist and are making good progress.


Steve Stroh wrote:


Michael, as usual, has understated this a bit a bit, so I'll step into
the role of blatant Public Relations once more.

There's a detailed explanation at

Here's the terse version. Michael Anderson, Chairman of PART-15.ORG
was asked to speak at the upcoming FCC Open Commission Meeting on Thursday morning.

His speaking slot is 5 minutes.

It's short in time, but a lot of content can be crammed into it,
considering that he can breeze through the PowerPoint slides, talk fast, and people can look at the replay and the PowerPoint slides in detail later.

He needs the inputs soon; Monday's gone already. That basically gives
him Tuesday to put an short, effective, "punchy" presentation together. He flies from Chicago to DC on Wednesday. The more diverse input he gets, the sooner, the better and more representative the presentation can be.

It SEEMS likely (we don't know for sure) that this meeting will have
lots of press attending, since it's requested that all the entities under FCC jurisdiction (telephone, cable, broadcasting, public safety comms, etc.) do the same sort of presentation. So... we want the WISP industry to be WELL represented, and it will be with YOUR inputs.

To be clear... CRYSTAL clear... Michael was NOT asked to speak to
represent just PART-15.ORG. He was asked to speak to represent the WISP industry as a whole.

Michael would like your input. The web page above has some suggestions
for interesting input to Michael.

The form found, linked at the bottom of the web page, (at if you'd prefer to skip reading the long, wordy web page) has additional suggestions on what to mention.

Photos would be great; again, more info at the two URLs.

Please - take some time out of your activities to provide your inputs.



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Thank you


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