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WISPTeamsForFCCPresentation on Thursday

> On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Mark Koskenmaki wrote:
> >Hey, Butch, there are part-15 organized people on the ground in
> >Louisana right now, and we're funnelling support to them as we
> Yeah, congratulations.  I must have been all wrong about Part-15.
> (sigh)

You know, it's kinda strange...

Back on 9-1 and 9-2, we were all asking how we could help.   Mac Dearman
asked for some help in his efforts.   Bullit was asking people to join in
emergency relief in an active organization.   A couple people were
suggesting that an organized group of WISP's should be actively out there
attempting to get stuff done on this list.

In the timeline of events, Bullit was the first to try to put together a
structured organization.

He tried to get WISP's a role in the official efforts of FEMA and ARC, and
in return the ARC mislead us and FEMA never offered any role at all.

Now, in the timeline of things as they occurred, Part-15's efforts are
pretty much the only structured means of WISP's deploying.   The ad hoc
support and efforts of others, like Mac Dearman have been, as could be
expected, relatively small in terms of numbers of people, but highly
effective.   WISPA did not form an organization, but a couple of our
influential members have played some personal roles in supporting those who
were already there and on the ground.

None of this says anything negative about the character, intentions,
motivations, or anything else, of the people who joined in each effort.
Rather, it offered some of us, who didn't have money or hardware to send,
the ability to use our time and skills the means of least trying to help,
and it offered  those who did have those or could move immediately, a means
of doing the same.

Now, becuase I had and have no means of supporting Mac (I have neither money
nor stuff to donate), I offered to support the other organization if they
had some role for me.   And they offered me a small one.   Should I, then,
have to observe hostility toward the organization I was offered a small role
in by people who I trust to have no other desire than to be useful or do
something good?   I'm sure none of you have any desire to obstruct - I'd bet
my last buck and my business on it.

Whatever the personal motivations that an individual, even if that
individual were the one who started t he organization, may or may not be, it
doesn't really matter anymore.  There's a whole chartful of people who, as
best I can tell, REALLY want to do something.   I know, becuase they've
spent a lot of thier own money to come and play a role, some as far as from
IRAQ to get here.   No matter what I think of Michael Anderson personally,
be it good or bad (and I"m not willing to open my mouth and say ANYTHING on
that topic right now), those people who are under him are dedicated to doing
something good and have made great investments, some of time and money and
equipment, others of just time, none of which are in ANY way antagonistic to
WISPA, the WISPA members efforts and it would be totally wrong if they met
obstruction or hostility, or a lack of cooperation or support from us.

The very best outcome is that both means of support work out well.

The worst possible outcome at this point, since there's folks on the ground
doing what needs to be done... Is that Part-15 hogs all the "credit" to the
press.   Does that really hurt me, as a WISPA member?   No, but it does mean
lost opportunity to advance WISPA in the public eye.  And right now, I don't
see that happening.  Let's not make there be any reason for it happen, and
if it does, it's a relatively small setback on the road to carrying out our
WISPA mission, that I believe is more than offset by our concerted efforts.
In other words, the outcome - people helped - is to me, worth any possible
future negatives.

These two diverse approaches will be a good study in the future... something
we can all learn from, so we can be more effective in the future, next time
tragedy strikes... and there will be a next time.  There always is.



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