That's enough. All of you. I've tried before to shut down these types of threads.

No knock it off. We're (officially) working with p15. If you don't like it, take it up with the board.

Arguments about who's daddy is bigger have no place on a public list at this time. IF the time comes to look back on things and point fingers I'll be first in line.

For now though, I don't give a rats ass who gets credit. I want to see those who've got NOTHING left. Now home, no job, no food, no family etc. taken care of.

No more talk about who's taking the lime light. No more talk about how the entities are structured. No more back biting. You guys talk about what can be done to make things better, make people's networks run better, argue about who's got the best gear out there or whatever, but this push and pull between p15 and wispa stops now.

I don't have the power to get people booted from this list, but if folks don't start contributing instead of putting others down I'll make a motion at the board level to have a few people (even though some of you are my friends) banned for a cooling off time.

have a great day,
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