The money will get to Mac quickest if you run it through the website.  Mac's brother's church has a 501c3 tax deductible Paypal donation link on that page.  It is called  They have set up an account to funnel the funds directly to Mac's effort.  See below:


Contact and Important Info

Phone number at the Crisis Center

PLEASE NOTE! Call this number (318) 728-8600 until we resolve temporary issues with our toll-free numbers, sorry for the inconvenience.
(866) 221-6237
(866) 225-3715

Shipping Info

c/o WISPA Relief Effort
107 McManus Road
Rayville, LA 71269


Equipment Still Needed

Equipment Donated So Far

Donations can be made through ChurchOfThe.Net, a 501(c)3 organization (run by Mac's brother Jay). All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.




Rick Harnish


OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.

260-827-2482 Office

260-307-4000 Cell

260-918-4340 VoIP







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I've donated equipment to JohnnyO's effort.

Where to you want me to send $1,000 to for your's?


Cliff - Work




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   I really have a lot to say on this very subject, but I have too many

other things going on - - - like path calcs and getting the right gear

for the job and about 24 men to pat on the back and a personal hug for

each of them everyday as I see them. Make no mistake about it - - - - -

- these men are the unsung heroes!!


Funding? FUNDING?

      3 men from this list is all that have donated  and short of that

there has been no funding!! Macs Farm fed and watered every night thus

far except last night as we are in Ponchatula, Louisiana and 3 nights my

brothers and sisters came over and cooked to give Sharon a break as she

has washed clothes, cooked, mopped the floors everyday, answered the

phones, ran Maximum Access, ran Dixie Lift truck services and then made

sure she had what she needed for the next day.


  Damn, I guess we will all be under a shelter next looking for a meal.

I was wondering if there are no funding available to help these fine men


and myself? How about some kind of fund raising?


  We are buying angle iron & cinder blocks this morning and all that it

takes to build a heavy non penetrating roof mount to place atop of a

University Library. This is being built by my team and you wouldnt

believe the talents and abilities here. We have a mobile lab and a

mobile shop that is amazing. Truthfully - - - - - there has been a

divine hand guiding this whole thing and it is more than evident in my



Mac Dearman








Carl A Jeptha wrote:


> My apologies if I upset anybody, but this is what I commented on the

> above Blog, I am tired of all the bullshit.  I am angry that I cannot

> be there to help these guys with what they are doing, so Mac, Johnny

> and Company remember there is another side to this - being frustrated

> because you cannot lift a hand to help.

> <quote>

> "Gentlemen and Ladies,

> May I draw your attention to a group of WISP (Wireless Internet

> Service Providers) who before an "disaster" was declared was already

> delivering "communications" to shelters. When "only 40 people" had

> died from Katrina, they were on the ground and knew the tally would be


> in the thousands, they knew New Orleans would not be spared. These are


> the men and women who were on the ground running before FEMA and the

> President was properly briefed. They were the ones, with donations

> from other WISP's and related services who started the first

> communications. Don't be fooled by the "BIG GUYS" PR Dept. because

> they were a full week or more behind these WISPS, but we don't have a

> PR dept. who only sees this as a marketing opportunity.

> Please visit the site of these wisps - <a

> href="" and


> our parent org. <a


> Please note I find it very distressing to see these unsung heroes not

> been mentioned.

> These people have been working eighteen hour days, using their own

> resources to deliver these communication services."

> <unquote>


> So guys just keep your heads high and know that where ever I see you

> not being recognized, I will pipe up in my normal abrasive rude self

> and tell the true story. For those of  you like me who cannot help, I

> believe this is the way we can do it. Call your local radio/tv station


> and newspaper and make them tell Mac, Johnny and Company's true story.


> Ok I feel better now :-[





           Mac Dearman

   "High Speed Internet for the South"

     318-728-8600   318-450-4101 NOC





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