EV1 handles literally about 2% of the total web traffic on planet earth. They have redundant grid connections and dual backup generation facilities. I do not think we will lose them. I hope not anyway! It is just an option. If they do not make it then we will have to look elsewhere I guess.

JohnnyO wrote:

John - Houston is estimating 50billion in damages currently - Level3 has
flooded before - is that the Colo site you're talking about ? I-45 /
Beltway8 ?


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If we need to go as far away as Houston to get a backhaul we can get one

from EV1 Servers (http://ev1.net). Koree Smith, my previous Sysadmin, is

working there in Houston and he says we should be able to get as much bandwidth as we need there. It is a massive data center with multiple fiber backbones into the location. They also have redundant power systems in place. They will not go down. It is a long distance from there to the proposed affected areas but it is at least an option we have if needed. This does not answer Marlon's question but it does give us an option for getting things back online.

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

Hi All,

The FCC has asked me for a list of wisps in and around the projected
path of Rita.  I know of no extensive list for this.

If you are in that area can you please forward me your contact info
(name, address, phone etc.)?

If you KNOW someone in the area, I need as much info as you can give
me. Especially contact data and towns covered.

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