I will pay the freight and pay for the ends if you will make me up about 20 lmr400 NMale - Nmale jumpers 3' long. You opened your mouth and I stepped up. :-) That is the one thing that we have been in short supply of this whole campaign. I have used up all my fittings and have ran across a small box of fittings in Ponchatoula yesterday that is still packed in my truck - - - so I think I have the fittings to make some more, but if you are willing - - - it would sure be NICE!!!!

Thanks Bro!

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-450-4349 - Monroe, La
318-303-4227 - NOC

Tim Wolfe wrote:

Hey Gang(Mac, Johnny O etc..), Since I can not be there right this moment, I can still make cables(LMR 400, CAT5). If You have a need for any LMR400 jumpers, or CAT5 cables that are pre-made let me know. I have about 1300 ft of LMR400 and quite a bit of CAT5. Just tell me the lengths etc. and I can make them and overnite'um to Ya' and that is one less thing You have to worry about. Ask and You shall receive!(All free of charge, as I wouldn't have it any other way! :-) )

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