That article was pretty early on, so I doubt anyone had gotten to their location yet.

From how I interpreted what was said, was the locality already had some kind of wireless communications system in place and fema disconnected their system and turned their on.

When the feds show up, they take control and that's the way it is.


Tom DeReggi wrote:
John S,

I think the program was hosted by Stone Phyillips on ABC around 8:00. Not sure exactly. Like George said, it wasn't the first time I saw the footage, just the first time I caught the comment about the FEMA antenna. The coverage was about complaining what a horrible job FEMA was doing from a slow response perspective.

Note: To make sure my last EMail was clear... What was reported was... The Parish's communications went down, then Parish head learned it was because FEMA disconnected the Parish's antenna without telling them, so FEMA could install their own new antenna for their own purposes, which was indicated by the big FEMA sticker on the antenna. WISPA's efforts have been to install communications for the Parish's use. My couriosity was wether this project was one WISPA or MAC was involved with. Meaning the one that got disconnected or installed. I was changing a diaper at the time, and missed the details of what the original antenna was and who installed by, if it was disclosed. WISPs were not mentioned anywhere in the news report, from what I heard.

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