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Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 5:12 PM
Subject: [WISPA] Anyone Need a Generator?

Verizon has some excess generators and are making them available to
anyone involved in FEMA recognized efforts (which we are). Please note
they DO NOT have an external fuel tank so this may be a problem. Feel
free to have your team leader contact Verizon directly if you need a
generator for a shelter of tower location. Scriv

"[ ] We have determined that we have a number of excess generators in
the Verizon Wireless Great Plains/KS/MO Region that can be re-deployed
in the Gulf Coast area if necessary.  The are mainly 35 kw generators
that do not have belly tanks.  They all utilized a separate fuel tank
that is not included.  It looks like we have a total of 19 with this

Do you believe you may have a need for this equipment?  Please let me
know as we are looking to move it out of our inventory.  If you have any
questions or need additional information, please call me.

Thank you,

David A. Vozka
Verizon Wireless
9955 59th Avenue North
Suite 120
Plymouth, MN 55442

(763) 595-5183 Desk
(612) 720-0083 Cell
(763) 595-5080 FAX"

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