What are people doing for WRAP board lightning protection?

Basically the WRAP board has a part that blows up, if it receives more than 21 Volts to its DC input. So a typical CAT5 Lightning protector that protects the DC pairs at only 35V, 50V or 60V would pretty much be useless for protecting the WRAP over the DC lines.

Any Protectors on the market that start to clamp at 20V DC? I'm guessing most people are just going without lightning protections, and settling for UPS protection on the AC line?

What about the COAX/antenna side? If installing the WRAP radio up on a tower, with an external antenna with a 3 foot Caox cable to it, are you guys, springing for the COAX lighting protector?

For a several 10 ft run down a tower, of course the COAX protection should be used, but for a 3 ft run?

I like the WRAP boards, but the 21V max tolerance, I think could end up being a major flaw for wide scale deployment. What are others finding? I like the design of the Mikrotik 532's better, but to standardize on it, I need to know that there is more than one distributor/reseller of the product nationwide. Hopefully the production will improve once the product becomes more mainstream.

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