I'm using Mikrotik live for the first time tommorrow and in a crunch for an 8am install.

1> We flashed Mikrotik to WRAP boards. However, it will not shut down, and their for prevents soft reboot. This is a known issue with WRAP boards listed in their docs, and can be fixed with a kernal bit change or something like that. But not sure how to do that when using Mikrotik a closed OS. Does any one know how to fix that? Is there a patch or different version of Mikrotik image to deal with this?

2> Our plan is to use WDS, because it allows bridging over the WiFi, so we can pass large packet VLAN traffic successfully. WDS in some methods of deployment has a bad wrap because of double use of bandwdith to perform its common use. However in our case, it doesn't have that draw back. Basically we are using 4 units like a CPE each located on a building within the complex, to interconnect to the 5th unit acting like an AP, where the Ethernet gets plugged into our backhaul radio. WDS should make it jsut look like a big switch. Does anyone know something about WDS that I don't, that would make it disadvantageous to use for my intended purpose?

3> Lastly, some of the existing residential buildings in the complex have Station-server CPEs. I want to avoid replacing these, because they do not need VLAN support. I had some difficulty geting the Mikrotik to communicate with the Station server CPEs if I tried to use WPA encryption. Using WEP worked fine. USing WPA Mikrotik to Mikrotik worked fine. Is there anything I need to do to make Sation server work with Mikrotik both using WPA? Has anyone else made it work, or is it just incompatible. I'm wondering if its a Station Server issue. I also had problems with Station Server connecting to the new Teletronic CPEs with WPA.

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