John Scrivner wrote:
Enough! I don't care what you think you can do to harm your competitors but you are not doing it on this list server any longer. If you want to slam another show competitor do it offlist or on your own list server. We are not doing that here, Charles. This thread is 100% closed to on-list discussion. If you have a problem with that then contact me off-list or find a new list to play on.

Yeah, it does not look well when you try to bait wispa to give P15 a kick in the nuts.

It's not like any of us are stupid.

I truly believe that most of the WISPA people appreciate P15 as well and we don't want to get into the middle of you guys.

We actually prefer to foster a good working relationship with both you and P15.

I personally believe you should work out your differences with them, it'll be better for both of you.

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