Mac, If You send me the $$, I will just turn around and donate it back to You via the website and Your paypal account. Keep smiling and doing good!. Keep Your cash!

Mac Dearman wrote:

Tim Wolfe wrote:

Hey Mac, the package is on the way. Since I don't have the email address to send tracking, here it is(now everybody can track it!!)
FedEx:  057274810085245
inclosed in the package is:
10-3ft jumpers-Times Microwave LMR400 and connectors
10 rolls of electrical tape(Not Scotch 33, but good enough for taping cables to towers etc.)
1 package of 10 inch zip ties(black UV resistant)

There will be "care packages" to follow, I am just waiting on connectors so I can make both Mac AND Johnny O' happy!!, Tim


I appreciate u more than you know. I have a little money left and I will pay for the connectors and cable - - - - - - but I am gonna take advantage of the labor :)

Thanks for the time, effort and energy - - - - you have been a great help!!!!

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