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Talk about vauge.

There are a number of new people at the FCC. And those there who are our friends need to be kept in the loop as to what's going on.

Kept in the loop? The WISP Industry is not new. What will you tell them that they don't already know about? Why do you think all these forms are required to be filed? Form 477 for example.

The WISPA FCC committee and the attendees will determine the exact content of the visit.

I'd expect talk about disaster relief

Mac and anyone who has time to go after helping out on the front line as it were Matt Larsen, Rick Harnish and/or John Scrivner for example should attend and tell their stories.

rural services,

I'm with Tom on this one. Underserved is a better term.

and mostly what we need in order to do an even better job yet.

I think WISPA needs to come up with suggestions within the realm of what the FCC is capable of doing.

Dawn ;-)
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