Guys, Gals, Kids, Allagators,

I'm nearly butt deep in allagators here, down on the farm.  I 
have a bridge feeding Linksys Router from my PtMP system.  
from here it goes like this:

Bridge (sB-ABO) 75' ------ Linksys BEFSR41------125' Cat5e---
to --------Bridge (sB-ABi)feeding Superpatch 8.5 dB Panel-----
---128' to window with a Belkin54g Access Point - 15' jumper 
to 3COM Hub ------one Gateway w/linksys 100 pci Enet crd.

Now, I can ping the Linksys BEFSR41, I can ping my pc plugged 
into the BEFSR41, I can Access Inet from my PC.  I cannot 
access inet from the Gateway at the other end of "goofynet".

What would you do, I must make it run, its my 
partners "goofynet".

Really, what's the deal, is the old Belkin just too far away? 
I have 95-100% RSSI on the sB-ABi, 90-95% LQ, seems good to 

Somebody bail me out here.
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